Sasebo Cultural Month presents Sasebo Jazz Concert at the bay

Hearing Sasebo City sponsoring Sasebo Jazz Executive Committee to conduct the bay concerts as a part of the activities of Sasebo Cultural Month on November 14 and 15, I attended the Jazz concert to collect the news materials to share with you. It was a little windy but fine day, and the pleasant Jazz sound seems to be traveling to the JR Sasebo Station across the street. That made me feel to shout in my heart, “Yes, this is Sasebo!”

Now, the Sasebo Cultural Month is held at Alkass Sasebo with a large audience every year, but the City made a decision of canceling the event this year due to the Corvid-19 situation. However, with the strong determination of “Culture must go on!”, all the people involved in the planning of the Sasebo Cultural Month are searching the way out to carry on the event on those days somehow like using YouTube or other means.

Unfortunately some of the participating groups can not do anything on the Cultural Month event days, but most of the groups are still not giving up and are trying to do anything to do the event on the Internet. I will report you when they come up with the new plan of the even. I would really appreciate if you keep supporting the activities of the Sasebo Cultural Month events.



#佐世保 #文化の火を絶やすな #ジャズ



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